Accelerating CX andOmnichannel Evolution

Who We Are

Klick Transformation is an enterprise transformation hub that specializes in aligning, and amplifying our partners’ areas of expertise, business, and enterprise functions. We help unify the complexities of digital evolution and omnichannel delivery, enabling and optimizing commercial capability. Klick Transformation brings it all together with passion and a people-first perspective.

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Our Work in Action

These case studies are examples of the success partners have experienced utilizing our transformation and enablement philosophy.

Omnichannel From the Start

Company had a strong pipeline but had never commercialized a molecule by themselves. We helped them to create an end-to-end commercial strategy that was omnichannel from the start, establishing the strategy, and delivering the tactics, tools and operations for field force and marketing, building out a commercial ecosystem that was right-sized and fully aligned with their product pipeline and needs across current and planned future brands.

End-to-end Marketing

Client had previously done end-to-end marketing and execution through their agency. This was expensive short-term thinking, and they wanted to own their data, their capabilities, and their audience. Our team helped them to set a vision, select the right technologies to enable that vision and then execute successful, continuously optimizing campaigns on their own infrastructure, with us supporting managed services.

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