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Klick Transformation & Omnichannel CX’s end-to-end expertise and purposefully integrated teams turn investment into impact by making complex initiatives simple to execute.

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CRM / Card

We need a CRM or other Martech, but which one?

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Customer Experience

How do we get a single view of the customer?

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What exactly is omni­channel, and how do we get there?

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Tech ROI

How can we achieve a better ROI on our tech investments?

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Digital Marketing

How do we effectively support our digital marketing strategies?

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Streamlining Technology + Data

How do I own my technology and data, but still make it easy to use?

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We Live in Both Worlds

The Klick X Factor bridges the worlds of Brand and Centers of Excellence, creating a unified space for healthcare companies to live in.

We Live in Both Worlds

The Klick X Factor bridges the worlds of Brand and Centers of Excellence, creating a unified space for healthcare companies to live in.


Focuses on: Business needs, partner ecosystem, clinical barriers and opportunities, ways of working, media/channels, strategy and tactics.

Centers of Excellence

Focuses on: Investments, operating models, tagging and governance, roadmaps, capabilities, scalability, consistency.

Our Work in Action

These case studies are examples of the success partners have experienced utilizing our transformation and enablement philosophy.

Omnichannel From the Start

In this case study, our biotech partner came to us with a robust pipeline, but lacked a clear path to commercialization. Recognizing the inherent challenges and the need for a comprehensive, tech-forward approach, Klick Health stepped in to architect an all-encompassing, omni-channel strategy.

We created a commercial ecosystem aligned to their unique requirements, ensuring scalability across their present and future products. This not only mirrored our dedication to fully integrated solutions but also demonstrated our unique ability to fuse traditional marketing with next-generation technology and data analytics to deliver meaningful results.

End-to-end Marketing

In this instance, our biotech client wanted to claim ownership over their data, breaking from expensive, agency-led marketing. We recognized the value of autonomy and forward-thinking, and helped shape a transformative vision. We guided them in harnessing the right technologies, enabling them to independently run and optimize campaigns on their infrastructure. This perfectly blended technology with strategy for a future-proof approach.

Integrated Intelligence
Crafting Superior HCP Strategies with AI Analytics
From Tech-First to Impact-First
Unlocking Value from Marketing-Tech Investments
Bridging the Gap
Transforming Digital Visions into Reality

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